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Honey Bee Bee Dishes And Tablecloth by Williams-Sonoma


Bee honey bees and the table covered by Williams-Sonoma that has caused a stir! The hive at the table, this collection includes coordinating teapots, jugs of juice, is the cake, the pot of sugar / honey and cream, salad plates / dessert, cups and plates, all executed in a pan with a pattern in relief and hand painting and finishing. Set the cover of Williams-Sonoma tablecloth Bee Road, which is equipped with the impression vintage style of bees buzzing around yellow flowers busy, bright with an edge. Finish your table with fresh fruit and flowers, and is a feast for the senses! To help the magnitude of force, while drinking sweet tea, check this collection inspired by the bees of Williams-Sonoma crockery.

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    January 9, 2012 at 1:28 AM

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