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Design Gilrs Room


The room is like an oasis for girls, a room where he spent most of the time at home to relax, do homework and play even a place to meet friends - friends. Own interests and create dekorasiinterior his daughter also provide an opportunity for him to express their creativity. For that, you know that some of the key factors in making decorating with her daughter. The selection of topics will help in choosing colors, furniture and room accessories. A girl can have a favorite character that you can use to design fourth issue.
For example, fairy-tale princess that inspired decor of the room for options. Theme park outdoors can also be used to create the external environment is a fantasy in his bedroom. Bedroom furniture is an important focal point of the decoration of the bedroom. Select a bed canopy dominant style of girls and women's luxury suites. All the bed, which is not too large to give a larger area, where you can add other furniture such as chairs and desks.

Choose a dressing table, bedside table, which correspond to a theme of your daughter. For example, a cabinet painted white or pink, so it looks more feminine. Wall paint color and design of the mural is a great opportunity for girls in your own style and character. Let them choose the color you want, give me advice on the color that suits the theme of his choice. For example, you can use the bedroom wall paint color pink, purple and blue pastel girls' a theme park or a fairy tale princess.

You can also choose a paint color gray - gray to make an appearance, as if the theme is one of the walls of the castle of fairy tale. Patterns of flowers and butterflies on the wall to give the impression that if - it will be in the middle - the middle of an outdoor garden. Accessories that are based on a bedroom will add a decorative touch that creates the impression of personal space. White light will add kesanfeminin, net mainly for dressing table, sat down by the mirror, so also add glamor. Also choose colored lights - to add a colorful decorative element in the room of your daughter.

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