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Tips To Reduce Energy Consumption At Home

With the planet in danger and then formally exposed to a series of difficult truths, it is time to do our part to reduce energy consumption during the two most spectacular seasons: summer and spring. Here are some tips to reduce energy consumption at home.

Set the thermostat properly. Did you know that the most simple and economical to reduce the energy consumption of your air conditioning system is well set the thermostat? The first thing you need to do is set the thermostat at the highest setting summer in which you are most comfortable. Typical settings are around 78 degrees F for cooling in summer. Set the thermostat and leave it at that temperature. Continuous adjustment of the thermostat can be very inefficient. Do not forget to switch the fan to ensure that the air in your house is still being distributed, which prevents heat and cold pockets from forming.

Annual tune your air conditioning units. Developed not only for cars, and you can do for your air conditioner. Studies show that homeowners with an annual service of their systems spend an average $ 30 less each month because of increased efficiency. The lack of regular maintenance is the main cause of system failures and costly repairs.
Keep the air filter clean. Experts believe that the best way to ensure that your system is working effectively is to keep the air filter clean. You can choose to do this yourself, or if you have allergies, you can have a professional cleaning for you.

Wait 24 hours before turning it on. If you have disconnected power from the central air conditioning in the winter, wait 24 hours after turning the air conditioning before you run. The compressor needs this time to warm up and run correctly.

Control direct sunlight. Much as you want natural light, too much to increase your energy. Keep shades and curtains drawn to reduce the radiation of heat from the sun. Use awnings and / or plant trees to shade the windows facing south to prevent the summer sun shines the hottest directly into your home. This will reduce the cooling in the summer, making your air conditioner run more economically.

Keep vents and grilles unobstructed. Arrange furniture and drapes so that all the outlet holes and intake grilles are free from obstruction. This also reduces the cooling air to download and enable the operation more economical.

Keep your air conditioning coils clean and unobstructed
. Did you know that air conditioning units require at least 12 to 18 inches of clearance for proper performance? Clear and short shrubs or bushes around your air conditioner and keep it free of leaves, grass clippings, leaves and other dirt and debris. For optimum performance, the coils of the cleaning unit to re-read the manual and following the steps on how to clean it.

Install an attic fan. Attic temperatures can reach 140 to 150 degrees F and is constructed from warm air can overwhelm the cooling system. The level of your home very uncomfortable. When installing an attic fan is thermostatically controlled can significantly reduce the accumulation of hot air, saving money and improving the life of your cooling system.

These are just some simple but effective ways to reduce energy consumption at home. In these times, we really have to learn to cut costs.

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