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The Art Of Sloped Ceiling Spaces

Sloping ceilings in our homes are often viewed as an obstacle when we are designing our spaces, but what happens when you stop fighting against them, and work with them? Well, according to these images from L4 World, this is when the magic happens. These architectural visualizers have impressed us on many levels, even way up in the eaves, creating loft living like no other.
Unexpected architectural arches are used to both distract from, and compliment, the irregular space, drawing the eye up at the apartments highest point. Large windows follow the pitch of the roof, allowing natural light to pick up texture in exposed brickwork, and bounce back from polished wood floors. Clever standing lamps transform shaded corners into snug relaxation zones, and lighting tracks with movable cans ensure the unusual shape is illuminated practically. A palette of white pushes the walls out and allows them to become one with the ceiling, and interesting area rugs keep the eye low where needed. To create a perception of a much taller room, seating and shelving are also kept low level, allowing large pieces of artwork to dominate.
Living in an artists loft as beautiful as this, we could all find ourselves feeling a little more inspired.

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Another beautiful brickwalled loft...
Another beautiful brickwalled loft…
stylish loft
loft brick walls
small apartment kitchen

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