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The Facts About A Trench Drain

By Clarice Cohen

Trench drain, also know as slot, line, linear, channel, or strip drain, is a model of floor drain. It is used to remove water on the surface or help with containment in chemical spills or utility lines. The units are designed with a trough or channel-embodying body.

These units work by using their solid cover or grating, which is set to align flush with an adjoining surface. Most of these structures are constructed with concrete. They may also include channel formers, or metal or polymer liners.

These devices are recognizable by their narrow width and long length. The cross-section area of the structure is a function of the max flow volume that is expected from the surface. Channels may range from an inch up to 2 feet in width. Depths can be at most, 4 feet.

French units are different from these units. The design is drafted with the purpose of removing ground water and incorporates perforated pipes. The common trench system types: linear, former, precast and cast in place. The standard type is the cast-in-place models.

`Cast-in-place systems utilize concrete-based trenches. These are constructed in the ground using wood and reinforcing bar. Former acts in the same way as cast-in-place products, but does not involve making new forms. Precast systems are time savers because once the trough has been dug, the systems can be easily installed and used immediately afterwards. Linear systems are becoming another popular option. They may be constructed from materials such as plastic, steel, polymer concrete or fiberglass. Because they do not have much strength, they are used in conjunction with concrete or asphalt bodies.

Trench drains are a type of floor draining system. They are designed with a superior trough or channel-cut body. The primary use for these units is to remove surface water, or provide containment in events such as chemical spills. trench drain

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