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Basic Information Concerning Artificial Turf

By Clarice Cohen

Artificial turf is a surface constructed with synthetic fibers. The product is designed to resemble natural grass. Often it is found in arenas that hosts sports that are normally played on grass. It may also be found in commercial or residential environments because it requires little maintenance.

The synthetic grass is able to withstand heavy use, does not need to be trimmed and can maintain its appearance without the irrigation process. Many covered stadiums prefer this option because real grass cannot grow without receiving proper amount of sunlight. The 1960s saw the popularity of this product when it was included in the Astrodome construction.

This setup is perfect for vacation homes in which owners are not able to regularly maintain the landscape. Furthermore, homeowners that are immobile, elderly or do not want to have to maintain their yard may opt to have this artificial surface added to their yard. Usually it can be found on roof gardens and surrounding swimming pools.

Though there are many conveniences with this type of surface, there are also some downsides. For instance, it does not last for a very long time. And though it does not require constant trimming or irrigation setups, it should be cleaned. The infill used with this product, namely granulated rubber or silicon sand, may leech into the water system.

Disinfection should be done regularly to kill off any pathogens. Burns and abrasions, which happens from natural grass as well, are more intense when the friction occurs between skin and the synthetic surface. The fibers also hold more heat than what real grass would, even in sunlight.

This product is commonly used as a surface in sports settings. Some sports fields that utilize this material: tennis, football, field hockey, American football and baseball. Airports may also use this surface. Within the landscaping industry, synthetic grass is often used because it reduces cost, and overall maintenance.

Overall, turf is an alternative to natural grass. It offers many advantages, particularly less maintenance. There are also some disadvantages. How beneficial this product can be is a matter of use and location. artificial turf

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