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How To Choose a Mattress ?


Modern medicine explains the causes of insomnia, the effect of the mattress. Bed too hard or too soft can have a negative effect on the spine, so the person sleeping on uncomfortable beds experiencing constant pain and frequent waking. At the same time is a soft mattress for the spine is curved, unlike its natural form, and a firm bed of soft tissues of the body by squeezing, and consequently, the flow of blood that is happening. A bad mood in the morning, back pain, numbness in the muscles may be a sign that it was not a comfortable sleep. In addition, the drug, only 0.1% of all people is a healthy back and good posture. Hypodynamy, lack of exercise, unfortunately, have a tendency to a modern lifestyle, especially in cities. As a result, people are getting a traditional set of related disorders: scoliosis, osteochondritis dissecans, osteoarthritis, arthritis, sciatica.
The solution may be a special orthopedic mattress is able to bend, according to the complexities of the human body. This eliminates the load on the spine and musculoskeletal system of a person. As a result, the rest in normal and disappears at night insomnia.

You can ask a question - what orthopedic mattress is made of? It is based on a special springs in the form of time. Each spring is placed in a separate bag and the bags are sewn together. When a person lies on the mattress, the body parts of his press conference on the mattress with another charge, so that each spring reacts to pressure differently. This provides a comfortable support of the body at rest or sleep. Good orthopedic mattresses have springs 170 and 360 can not crack or create a sense of irregularity or bending.

Biconical block orthopedic mattresses are made of hardened steel wire known as "Bonnell" may be a good choice. These springs, like an hourglass, to create an optimal distribution of human body weight through a steady reduction of the radius of the coil support. Elastic porous filler foam mattress supports the body in the form of anatomically correct that the springs. Basis for an orthopedic mattress is layered filler is a hypoallergenic material.

Rigidity of the mattress depends on the type of load. The fillers can be cotton, wool, linen, latex, fiber, seaweed, silk, hair, memory foam, and others. Roll mattress is made of durable fabric that is impervious to dust. Some mattresses have a special "summer-winter" coating: one side of the mattress is made of warm wool, and on the other side is made of linen or cotton. Mattress is reversed, depending on the season. The mattress should be cleaned with washing cleaner. The life of an orthopedic mattress is about 15-20 years.

Mattress stores offer a wide range of orthopedic mattresses today. The mattress can be individually selected depending on the height and weight of the person and have a hardness that suits your preference: hard, semi-hard or soft. The length of the mattress should be consistent with the growth of a person who wants to add at least 8 inches from the free position during sleep. If you have a disease of the spine, you should consult a doctor before choosing a mattress.

Mattress prices are determined by the number and type of springs, the quality of its upholstery and flooring.

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