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Japanese Black Tea House from Czech


Black tea house is reflected in the water level at the southern end of the gardens near the Lipa Czech Republic generous. A large garden and grown exceptionally well in the pine forest and south coast, which is S-shaped lake with grassy banks, creating a horizon for the house next door. Tea house of the coast has become a natural part of the landscape carefully modeled. Beautiful views of the forest and the water level in the foreground and receive your guests can enjoy the tea house. It is a meeting place with friends and family, a place for a cup of tea.

Inside the tea house offers two levels of perception of the surroundings and the level of projections, which look set to mature garden and woodland. The second level offers a partial or total closure of the interior space in which light enters from the top and make a play on the gold tube glass ceiling. The interior is completely sealed to the pyramid-shaped roof, which moves in a cone with a circular base by half. The geometry is created on the ropes from the ceiling sisalovými intertwined. 


Fireplace in the middle room where you can go to a large terrace with tables of larch, which offers a unique experience to see the water. The interior space can be separated from the outside some sliding doors that can be accessed with the exterior landscape of the three parts of the world. Proplétaného roof addition is another important reason for the national round earth wall, which is incorporated intelligently "Tokonama" or niche for flowers.

All this is wrapped in brown black larch wood, and hence the name black tea at home.

It consists of three vases of bamboo, which passes into space for a wall of mud. This space is accessible from the outside, not only for water exchange, but also for the possible introduction of tea utensils. The house is tightly integrated with the landscaped garden, which is carried out and a green roof with grass and colorful flowers of succulents.


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