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Loft Rounded - Semi-detached House In Prague By A1 Architects


"In early 2010 it began designing mezzanine loft of Great Prague. It was a new challenge for us to address the space almost" no limits "to live according to our previous experiments focused on a small scale.
The issue of "unlimited" space was the main reason for our work. Private spaces such as bedrooms are separated, of course, but the rest of the joint operations room are connected in a fluid space.

It begins at the entrance with cupboards and dressing continues to a small room and kitchen with large dining table, the room is also open to the upper gallery, which is designed for customers.

In order to achieve specific liquid space, we decided to round some corners, which finally gives the room its unique smooth. Because of these corners softened move and just feel free and bounderies walls disappear somehow. Even the stairs with fireplace and built-in library of climbing in rounded corners. The ramps are made of thin stainless steel grill, so it is safe, but also flexible and transparent.

In addition to the main continuous life, there are three bedrooms and a study room and some storage spaces built especially as a built-in furniture. The question of materials is another important part of the project. Its main features are touchableness pure and natural. We have carefully selected many of them in collaboration with customers in the shop of the stone and wood.

Most of the wooden furniture made have adapted. Beige tiles large format is used on each floor of the attic to support the sense of continuity. We are exposed both in the wooden support structure that could. The kitchen counter is made of black granite stone next to the light of marble on the wall behind. In this case, we used walnut for the dinner table and the ashes of the light above.

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