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BCHO Architects Introduce Scissors House

Saxony The house is located on an island close to ob Korea.Located the south side of Jeju Island, scissors House turns up on a farm existing tangerine overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The volcanic island of Jeju, is about 100 km south of the Korean peninsula. Known for its tropical scenery and strong winds. Warm breezes of summer blow from the Pacific Ocean on the face of the mountain islands of the central volcano Halla. Saxony house is oriented to take advantage of these natural conditions, while retaining much of the existing topography.

Slope of the site is terraced, with 2-3 feet of basalt stone walls of support. Tier a house with scissors, and the other, stepping up and turning around low stone wall of basalt. Small stone and moss garden overlooks the main entrance and enter the living space, overlooking the courtyard, where the persimmon tree, toward the Pacific Ocean. Scrolling down the main living and eating habits in order to open the house in the sea most of the year.


The roof is low and continuous monolithic singular to allow protection from strong winds moving through the house. The roof is a single sheet of concrete without impregnation or ramps that can be easily damaged in a typhoon force winds. During the process of casting and curing was re-troweled every 2-3 hours during the night so that the existing moisture to increase and form a seal from 80 to 10 mm thick cement that prevents future cracks is completely sealed.


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