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How to care antique furniture ??

Taking care of antique furniture can not be arbitrary. Here are some tips for keeping the old remain smooth.

Use a good quality paste wax every two months. Paste wax can be obtained in furniture stores. In the right amount, make a paste and color characteristics of wood are so important. Use a soft cloth that has been given a paste and apply a rotatably. Let dry and wipe with a clean cloth. Insert the furniture too can easily become dull and dusty. If this happens, use a cotton cloth that was varesol own pasta.

Avoid using sprays to remember the content of the silicone oil harmful to antique furniture. For each day, wipe with a clean cloth.

Fabric on top to prevent damage to antique furniture. Avoid direct contact with objects that are very hot or very cold.

Avoid scratches are not dragging, the antique furniture. Small scratches can still be improved with some care products are available in furniture stores. But the scratches should be treated is a very experienced carpenter.

Clean up liquid spills on the furniture, especially liquids that contain alcohol. The road would not be cleaned, but dicolek. Deployment of clean alcohol.

Limit direct contact with sunlight. Contact the furniture long yellowish. Put the curtains of the window near the furniture. If the curtain does not install, use glass blocks UV coating.

Humidity affects the antique furniture that changes in humidity must be maintained so as not to radically change

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