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First Review Of The Architecture Tour Bainbridge Island

Last weekend was Bainbridge Island’s first architectural tour and what a success! Gorgeous weather, incredible houses in amazing settings, talented interesting people… for the design minded, it was an inspiring two days of fun. Produced by GEM and Seattle Homes and Lifestyle Magazine, it was a thoughtful way for local architects and builders to show off their style. We were able to go inside more than twenty incredible homes and talk directly to their architects. Bainbridge has some amazing residences!

Amazing attention to detail and energy saving innovation from Coates Design. (I have to say this was the most intriguing home)

Impressive land use strategies and flexible utility from Peter Brachvogel. (Most gorgeous garage on the island – I can’t wait to see the primary residence)

Stylish modern design on the waterfront from LaRoche. (I felt like I was floating walking through this home – perhaps it was the light colored cork flooring and darker natural wood ceilings. This home was definitely a play on smooth and textured surfaces. I’ve been admiring it from the water for a couple of years now.)

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